Glastonbury Education Foundation Grants

Over $800,000 has been distributed through the Glastonbury Education Foundation’s grant program since its inception, thanks to the generosity of Glastonbury’s families and businesses.


Naubuc Elementary Library Media Center STEAM materials – $5,355  (2024)
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Eureka Lab Expansion at Naubuc Elementary School Phase 1 and Phase 2 –  $10,000 & $19,000  (2023 & 2024)
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GHS STEAM LAB – $10,000 (2022)
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GHS Robotics Team- $8300 (2021) for the purchase of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routing machine. This machine will be used for the fabrication of aluminum, plastic, and wood components that are designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD). A CNC router provides precision machining capability that can be used to cut parts designed in CAD. This new capability directly complements the current GHS CAD curriculum and introduces new capabilities to the robotics team as well as students at large with interest in computer aided design and manufacturing. Currently the team uses hand tools to fabricate parts for the robot. The CNC router provides much higher precision and allows students to quickly transform designs from virtual CAD to physical reality.

Sensory Classroom —$3,130 (2019) Creation of a Sensory  classroom experience. Lumo Play is an interactive digital software platform that will make any projector, touch screen, or TV interactive. It allows creation of content using code-free design and allows remote access to manage displays from any online computer. This program at Nayaug Elementary School will be used for special needs students to expand learning while enhancing peer relationships with non-disabled classmates.

Smith Middle School-$12,000(2018) This is a Virtual Reality program that will enable students to create virtual reality content that will bring to life subjects that they are learning. This project is in partnership with the Glastonbury Historical Society.

Center for Robotics, Engineering, Science, and Technology (CREST) lab at GHS$100,000 (2017-2018) A state-of-the-art “Center for Robotics, Engineering, Science, and Technology” (CREST) lab that provides Glastonbury students the opportunity to explore and learn new and innovative technologies and practices in science and engineering. The lab was designed with two main goals in purpose. First, to provide students the opportunity to improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills while applying real world applications to identify solutions. The second goal was to increase awareness of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career options and to create interest in those fields.

Hopewell Learning Commons$10,000 (2016) This grant transformed the Hopewell Elementary Library into a unique and creative space where technology is used by the entire student body to solve real-life problems.

Makerspace$19,950 (2017) The Makerspace allows students at Naubuc Elementary School to use a hands-on approach to creative problem solving.

G-REC$16,661 (2015) GEF funded the inaugural year of the Glastonbury Robotics and Engineering Club (G-REC) for students in grades 1-8. The program quickly expanded and was funded by Glastonbury Public Schools the following year.

iPads and Applications in Special Education$20,115 (2013) To fund iPads, applications, and training for use by K-8 special education teachers, speech and language specialists and school psychologists and their respective students.

GHS Phone App  $2,500 (2013) To develop a phone app for students, staff, and community members to download free on an iPhone or Android device. The app provided easy access to relevant information from GHS such as calendars, push notifications, newsfeeds, contacts, documents, quick links, and a tip line.

Glastonbury Planetarium$27,500 (2012) to provide educational programming for the new planetarium located at the Glastonbury/East Hartford Elementary Magnet School. The grant also included funding for a presentation by a speaker from NASA.

Smith Middle School Courtyard Classroom$6,000 (2011) to fund phase two of an outdoor learning space developed in partnership with Glastonbury Partners in Planting, B&B Landscaping, and Smith Middle School students and parent volunteers. The grant provided materials and equipment for students to study and be exposed to a solar powered mower, grow lettuce and herbs in a raised bed, select plants and shrubs that link to curriculum areas, showcase their skills on the performance patio, and have outdoor classroom space for learning.

Smith Middle School Auditorium Sound System Upgrade$26,299 (2011) to fund a much needed sound system upgrade.

Classroom Response System$24,500 (2011) to fund a Classroom Response System for all Glastonbury High School seniors to use in the mandatory lecture hall style Current Issues class.

Greenhouse$156,000 (2009, 2010) to fund the construction of an 800 sq. ft. greenhouse at Gideon Welles School. This hands-on laboratory supports instruction and experimentation within the sixth grade Life Sciences curriculum. It also provides growing space for community groups and extracurricular activities.

Television Production Studio$160,000 (2007) funded the installation of a state-of-the-art television production center at Glastonbury High School for school and community use.

Classroom Audio Enhancement Technology$13,000 (2004) a pilot program that improved student classroom participation and performance. The success of this program led the Board of Education to install this technology in every first grade classroom.

Interwrite SchoolPads and LCD Projectors$17,500 (2005) pilot program for Interwrite SchoolPads and LCD projectors, learning tools that improved interaction between teachers and students. The success of this program led to the distribution of this technology throughout the school district. 


Summer lending library -$3,000 (2019) Creation of a small summer borrowing library at Nayaug Elementary where parents can sign out early reader leveled books for use over the summer. Parents can stop into the office anytime during summer building hours to borrow and swap leveled books.

Unified Theater Program-$1,500 (2018) An inclusive theater program for middle school students of all abilities.

Soaring Eagle Recording Studio$8,000 (2013) to purchase essential recording equipment for a recording studio to be housed at Naubuc Elementary School. Students, ensembles, instructors and community members (through the Community Use program) are able to record and share compositions and performances.

Unified Theater$6,000 (2011) grant to fund the Unified Theater program at Smith Middle School and to launch the program at Glastonbury High School. Unified Theater brings students with disabilities together with peers of all abilities in a safe, supportive environment that promotes learning, growth, creativity, sharing, leadership opportunities, and socialization.

Americans Who Tell the Truth(2009) Funded a public exhibit of painter Robert Shetterly’s portraits at Smith Middle School. The program culminated with Shetterly working with students as an artist in residence and giving a free public presentation.

50 Years of Russian Celebration— A community performance by the Hartford Symphony Orchestra of Russian compositions along with several cultural activities to recognize Glastonbury Public School’s unprecedented 50 year history of teaching the Russian language.


Veterans Day Museum Display$3,000 (2013) to create a museum quality experience that gives visitors an understanding of the sacrifice veterans made for our freedom and the historical significance of the various wars. The museum was housed in the Glastonbury High School library and open to students, staff, and the community.

Ambassador Andrew Young Appearance$15,000 (2011) to fund a free community presentation by Ambassador Andrew Young, one of the architects of the civil rights movement, at the MLK Community Initiative’s 2011 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

Doris Kearns Goodwin Appearance(2006) funded an address by Pulitzer Prize winning author and world renowned historian Doris Kearns Goodwin at Glastonbury High School on the topic of leadership.

Michael Nerney Workshops(2006) provided funding for Michael Nerney, a nationally known expert of adolescent brain development, to speak with parents and social service professionals and hold teacher workshops.


Outdoor fitness Zone at Gideon Welles School – $20,000 (2022)
Installation of Outdoor Fitness Zone in partnership with Glastonbury Public Schools and local parent-teacher organizations

Outdoor fitness Zones at Elementary Schools – $40,000 (2020)   Installation of Outdoor Fitness Zones at five Glastonbury elementary schools, in partnership with Glastonbury Public Schools and local parent-teacher organizations

Smart TVs for Physical Fitness –  $12,026 (2020) Purchase of Smart TVs for school gymnasiums to enhance Physical Education offerings

Let Your Teens Go Without Losing Them Presentation$2,000 (2014) to Glastonbury Alcohol and Drug Council to fund presentation to parents and their teens on making safe decisions.

Matter of Balance Initiative$2,100 (2014) to Glastonbury Senior Services to fund educational workshops that included exercises and practices that are designed to help seniors achieve confidence in their balance and reduce fear of falling.

Be the KeyTeen Safe Driving Campaign$5,000 (2014) to fund the implementation of an awareness and education program to increase knowledge and compliance with the CT Graduated Teen Driving laws.

Teen Safe Driving Presentation – Sponsored a free community talk (2014) with Tim Hollister and Garry Lapidus about the importance and rationale behind the Graduated Licensing Laws for teen drivers. The program provided critical information to help prevent and minimize motor vehicle crashes and injury.

Naubuc Backpack Food Program$10,000 (2013) to provide nutritious food to children who would otherwise go without adequate amounts of food or nourishment during weekends and extended breaks from school.

Wellness Across America$6,950 (2012) to implement a nutrition education program in all of the Glastonbury elementary schools with the goal of teaching kids at an early developmental stage about the importance of eating good food.


Age Friendly Communities Initiative-$20,000 (2019) to Glastonbury Council on Aging for study, planning  and creation of a framework to prepare for the rapid aging of the U.S. population by paying increased attention to the environmental, economic and social factors that influence the health and well-being of older adults.

Back to School Program$5,000 (2015) to Glastonbury Human Services to fund backpacks and school supplies for families in need.

Auditorium Acoustical Improvements$20,000 (2013) to partner with Glastonbury Friends of Music to significantly improve the acoustics in the Glastonbury High School auditorium.

Demystifying the College Admissions Process(2013) Sponsored a free public presentation and address to the Glastonbury High School senior class by renowned high school guidance counselor Gwyeth“Smitty” Smith.

GHS Alumni Connections
— Partnered with the Board of Education to develop the first alumni directory of Glastonbury High School students and created an online home for alumni to connect with each other, organize reunions, and support their alma mater.

Bill Landers Memorial Scholarships(2007) Established a scholarship in honor of the late Bill Landers, a former board member of the Glastonbury Education Foundation, and beloved Glastonbury citizen. Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded each spring to GHS seniors who will attend one of the Connecticut State University System schools.

Directory of Service Organizations and Clubs– Published a directory to encourage the evaluation of community funding strategies and collaboration between Glastonbury community groups.

Small Grants ($1,500 or less) – Funded educationally-based grants that support families and children in Glastonbury. Organizations supported include: Glastonbury ABC House, Nayaug Playscape Fund, Glastonbury Alcohol and Drug Council, Glastonbury Social Services, Glastonbury Youth & Family Services, and the Kenneth Joyce Foundation


Named 2007 Outstanding Education Foundation of the Year by the Connecticut Consortium of Education Foundations.