The Foundation is committed to the belief that excellence in public education for all age groups is essential to the economic and social health of the community.



The Foundation wishes to act as a catalyst for academic enrichment in our schools and to facilitate lifetime learning experiences in our community. The goal of the Grant Program is to fund educational projects that are relevant, creative, effective, and inspiring. A secondary emphasis is given to programs, projects, and activities that help attract and retain superlative teachers. All proposed projects should have a definable value to the community.


Grant Program Eligibility:

Grant Program applicants can include any Glastonbury Public School staff, parent or town resident working with a faculty member, non-profit community-based organization, and/or local business. The Foundation can only provide grant funds to charitable organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and to programs, projects, and initiatives that directly support our mission.

Grant funds are not intended to replace or relieve the existing responsibility for public funding of school programs, nor are they intended to substitute for regular budget growth and maintenance. Grants will not be awarded for:

  • salaried positions
  • programs, equipment or services cut from the school budget
  • substitute teacher stipends
  • on-going program support
  • retroactive compensation
  • sports programs

The Glastonbury Education Foundation Grant Program is not intended to duplicate the existing Glastonbury PTSO Mini-grant Program, nor the efforts of local PTO and Parent Groups; Glastonbury Education Foundation grant proposals should therefore exceed $3,000 in value.


Grant Criteria:

An emphasis will be given to programs, projects, and activities that fall into the following categories:

  • Innovative approaches to meeting and exceeding the challenges and requirements of 21st century education
  • Provide enrichment and add instructional, inspirational, and/or life experience value to the curriculum and/or to the community (i.e. expert-in residence, community symposiums, etc.)
  • Explore new and imaginative curriculum ideas and teaching practices or build upon a previously funded GEF grant with demonstrated success

Potential grants will be evaluated with the following considerations in mind:

  • Are broad in scope with a measurable impact (i.e., will impact a significant number of students/teachers/community members over an extended time)
  • Enhance collaboration among classes, grades, schools, curricular teams, and/or community initiatives
  • Promote community-school partnerships
  • Show creativity and innovation
  • Strengthen academics and meet curriculum objectives
  • Meet an essential educational need in the school or community

All grant applications must include:

  • Clear and detailed plans and an appropriate evaluation process
  • Clear and concise plan to recognize the Foundation’s grant
  • Detailed budget that is economically sound

The Foundation will provide assistance to a grant applicant whose letter of intent has been approved and is in the process of submitting a full grant application. Full grant applicants may be asked to participate in a discussion with the Grant Review committee.

The Glastonbury Education Foundation awards grants based on the merits of each proposal and the ability of the Foundation to fund them. The Foundation evaluates each application to determine whether the proposed grant meets Foundation funding criteria and is an effective use of its limited funds. Partial funding may be awarded when sufficient funds are not available.


Application Process:


Step 1. Submit a Letter of Intent

(click here for Letter of Intent)

ALL applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent. This is your opportunity to present your idea and receive early and immediate feedback that can strengthen your final grant proposal.

Your Letter of Intent must include appropriate signatures. For elementary and middle school teachers, this would be the principal; for high school teachers, the principal or department chair. If your project includes purchasing new technology-based equipment, it is required that you consult with the school district Director of Educational Technology. For parents, residents, businesses, or organizations outside of the school community, you must include signatures of collaborating school staff or administrators, if the proposal directly impacts the Glastonbury school system.

Letters of Intent must be sent electronically via email and also mailed in hard copy form. Please email them to Please send the original hard copy with signatures to:

Glastonbury Education Foundation
P.O. Box 795
Glastonbury, CT 06033

The Foundation will assess the merit of each proposal based on the criteria and guidelines set forth. The Foundation will respond to all Letters of Intent based on the dates set forth in the grant cycle below. Feedback will indicate whether or not we encourage submission of a full application and may include specific suggestions for revision.


Step 2. Submit full application

(click here for application)

Applicants who have been asked to submit a full grant application should submit both an electronic and hard copy of their application. Applications should be emailed to and mailed to: Glastonbury Education Foundation, P.O. Box 795, Glastonbury, CT 06033.

Applications must include the signature(s) of all participating staff and their immediate supervisor(s). For parents, residents, businesses, or organizations outside of the school community, you must include signatures of collaborating school staff or administrators, if the proposal directly impacts the Glastonbury school system.

Once applications are received, members of the Foundation’s Grant Review committee may contact individual applicants for additional information, and may ask for an in-person discussion of the proposal. The committee will make its funding recommendation to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, which has final approval.


Grant Program Process and Application Dates:

The Glastonbury Education Foundation (“GEF”) is now seeking grant applications.  If you have an idea for an educational project and are seeking funding in excess of $3,000.00, please submit a Letter of Intent to the GEF.

The GEF’s mission is to promote excellence, innovation, and creativity for Glastonbury children and the community.  To that end, emphasis will be given to programs, projects, and activities that fall into the following categories:

Grant Cycle 1-Grants will be on a rolling basis for 2023-2024 program year-Please send us an email or Letter of Intent with your idea.

Letter of Intent deadline Rolling
Response to LOI given Rolling 
Full application due Rolling
Grant awards announced Rolling

Should you have any questions, please contact the GEF Program Director, Heather Drury at for more information.

All grant award funds must be used within 12 months of the award date or the application must be re-reviewed by the Foundation.



Grant Application Forms